Tuesday, 16 September 2008

streams of joy

"This is the app that lets me drink straight from the Internet firehose, and I couldn't live without it." - Cory Doctorow [Boing Boing]

Having been consistently irritated by the way I get at all the RSS feeds I like to follow, I threw in the towel with all previous attempts at a fulfilling relationship today and went a-hunting. And with immense success. Was playing with Flock for a while and its built-in reader, which I still reckon is a nice concept if a bit messy. I also could never find myself enamoured with web-based readers, such as Google Reader which Dave only yesterday tried to rope me into.

Happiness, it turns out, appears to come in the form of the frankly-gorgeous NewsNetWire, a free Mac stand-alone utility, that already I find myself horrendously attracted to. It's sleek, it's slimline, and more importantly, it works. Really, really well. Download it now and pack all others in, children, the king of readers/aggregators has landed and I can't believe I only came across it today.

It also has an iPhone version, and yes, some plug-ins for Outlook etc. so that those backward Windows users can join in to. Check out the selection here. Then do yourself a favour and download the lot.



neal said...

hmm.. i tried it last week but wasn't soooo impressed..
i guess i like my little google reader "share this item" button..

El Woogiachi said...

Really? It's just the beauty of it. I switched on my mac this morning, went to turn on the kettle, came back and waiting for me simultaneously were all my e-mails and latest feeds, without me pressing a button or opening anything. That makes me happy. And lazy.

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