Sunday, 21 September 2008

a new power is rising

Something I honestly thought would never happen is about to begin... the homestead here is going broadband. Honestly, we had the internet before most people around here, back when Dixon's Freeserve existed (before it became Wanadoo, and we were still using it, and Orange, when we're not) was the ISP of choice, when men were men... etc. and everyone thought downloading Buck Rodgers via Napster in less an hour was about as cool as it could get.

Anyhoo, for the last few years my mum was cranking along on BT Surftime 24/7, an anytime dial-up provision which sufficed without being particularly, you know, useful. And this was fine until I moved home as a bankrupt postgraduate. For a while I never got round to it, and after the half way mark I assumed/hoped/prayed that I'd be independent again by the end of the year (I love my mum; I love my family; not such a fan my best friend being a dog, out here in the wilderness. A particularly hapless mutt, at that.) But now, despite the fact I'm hoping to move out in the next couple of weeks - heard it here first - we are, in fact, finally going hitech with BT's Option 1.

Option 1 you scream? 10GB download limit? It's my mum, folks. She downloads some stuff off TeacherTube, fights with my little sister about her (my sister's) inability to use her own e-mail address when buying crap, and that's about it. In fact, here's the thing: so far, BT have been - wait for it - rather good.

Had a live chat with an adviser when purchasing, and am assured that the stuff will be delivered tomorrow, and activated tomorrow night. Nothing has gone wrong. I know it will. I know I'll open the box tomorrow, and there'll be a severe absence of, you know, an ethernet cable or something fundamental like that. But until then, my blissful ignorance leads me to say that so far, so good.

But I'm itching for it to be otherwise just so I can moan...

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