Thursday, 4 June 2009

smyth/huey 1; purnell 0

You may recall - or then again, may not - my 'calling out' of the ignominous goon, rickety oaf and plainly, twaddling wally that was Work & Pensions Secretary James Purnell ('An open (informal) letter to James Purnell', 10 December 2008). Well, clearly someone was listening: namely James himself, who has just announced his resignation to demonstrate his opposition to the failing leadership of our unelected PM, Gordon Brown.

(I realise I already sound like a toryboy here. I'm really not; I just really dislike James Purnell!)

Of course, that's the official reason the man is giving. But, here at Smyth 2010 campaign headquarters, we all know the truth: his obvious terror at the momentum-gathering wave of change, sweeping this nation like a bleached mop of justice, was just too much for this Blairite featherweight. No doubt confronted by the jackboot of reform, he clearly decided it just wasn't worth it.

Victory is ours!


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