Wednesday, 24 June 2009

long may you reign

One man production machine Will from Bandwidth Films seems to churn out material at a rate of knots these days - far from those lazy spring days of uni when we all seemed to only be in it for the raw inspiration. [This clause neither makes sense, nor has the redeeming feature of being anywhere close to true.]

Following a theme that I came across in the great Lisa Hannigan video for I Don't Know [posted here, June 11th], they're currently doing a series of videos called 'In Stores Now', where fine Northern Irish talent set up shop in... well, shops... and indulge in a bit of guerilla music video production. My favourite one so far is this week's - John Shelly & The Creatures in a chip shop. The eagle-eared out there might recognise the song from the recent Discover Northern Ireland advert (you know, the painful one with the muppet taking his girlfriend to the North Coast to propose...)

IN STORES NOW#3: JOHN SHELLY & THE CREATURES from bandwidth films on Vimeo.


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