Thursday, 25 June 2009

ball games

Wimbledon is back, and with it an excuse to slope off to the TV every hour for a quick top-up of volleying and grunting. A great story from yesterday caught my eye though - the second round match between Michael Llodra and Tommy Haas had to be abandoned shortly after Llodra was unable to stop himself hurtling into a ball girl, clipping her and smacking himself into the umpire's chair. She was fine and Llodra tried to return to playing, but had to retire.

With proceedings brought to an unexpected halt, Tommy Haas saved the day by continuing to play with each of the ball boys and girls in turn around the court. I don't think it was an attempt to look good, though he did - just a nice guy giving some young adults an amazing opportunity. This clip from the BBC coverage is fantastic -I particularly love how the commentary team and the producers, clearly recognising that this was both great TV, and a bit of unique kindness, are so complimentary to the kids and the circumstances. The first boy is my favourite - he looks like he's just won the lottery -and been told he can blow the lot on toys and gadgets.


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