Wednesday, 29 August 2007

sticking together

This one's really just for Dave because he's the only one who'll truly understand... proof, if proof were needed (and we know it's not!) that PVC tape is, in fact, capable of solving all problems... least, until I get some solder. All hail to the tape!

[edit: PS - For Dave's benefit (see comment) I'll add that I was using tape to hold the wires in place because I had no solder to properly connect them. Kinda thought that was obvious, but maybe not.]


David Lowry said...

<3 right back at you big man, but you got it wrong...

"There's nothing that Duck Tape can't fix"


"I don't think a leatherman would be capable of solving that problem" (something you will never hear)

Plus you should really saw what on earth you were doing with the amp...

David Lowry said...

No I meant what are you doing with the amp, not the tape. Other than you bust a wire... And who let you use a screwdriver to take that thing apart? You could ask alan and he could do it for you for...£.... lol ha

El Woogiachi said...

that's not funny. look at my face. i'm not laughing.

did manage to get lots of lovely sparks when i was poking around, but the amp was pretty much falling apart anyway... seems alan busted up most of the bores for the screws and they were just sitting there. what can you do? a lot of fiddling later and it's holding together pretty well actually.

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