Sunday, 26 August 2007

in the interim

Currently in a weird limbo. With uni registration on Tuesday, I've still got my pre-coursework ('a polished piece of work entitled, "A Day That Stays With Me"' - oh my glory) to do, all sorts of bits of paperwork to hoke out (including stuff that hasn't even arrived yet from flaming StudentFinanceNI, everyone's favourite lenders...) and generally life to set in order before it all disappears.

But there is much light in the darkness. Brian the Blue Ford Escort returns to the fold singing like a shiny new kettle, all weird noises gone, and clutch, handbrake and back left wheel bearing all nicely worked over. The scheme in Rathfriland went very well (don't ask me about my feelings towards vestry members and their opinions though, grrrr...) and I even managed to work in some... work, I guess - bit of Powerpoint tutition and a whole lot of free advice about PA systems... I like to talk.

A lot of comment has been passed about this photo which I grabbed whilst taking promotional shots at Camp last week... the product of a lot of patience and tolerance of ants got me within 6 foot of this boyo.


David Lowry said...

So, eh, Peter, tell me about your feelings towards vestry members and their opinions?

El Woogiachi said...

don't get me started. three words: minimum requisite numbers...

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