Friday, 17 August 2007

clutching at straws

I'm sitting back in my old home, the COISC staring out at the rain outside. I didn't really expect to be here, but half an hour ago my clutch pedal gave way a couple of miles down the road at Forestside shopping centre. So, we pushed the car into a spot, and left it for a few hours. This is annoying for several reasons: (1) my car is buggered; (2) I'm supposed to drive to Rathfriland (near Newry) tomorrow for a summer scheme; (3) my divorced parents are fighting over who gets to come up and tow me home; (4) my car's buggered.

Such is life.

1 comment:

beu said...

i just found you!

cahirs on fri?! can give you a lift if you're cars still buggered!

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