Friday, 31 August 2007

along came a spider

good grief, i'm somewhere between strangely proud and stupdefied...


David Lowry said...

At least it means you don't have to break your arachnophobia now Pete; stick to being beautiful.

Erika wants you, or maybe me, I'm not sure.

And how come every spider that eveyrone has ever had to remove from a house is "like totally huge" "i mean, ginormous."

What's the deal. Ugh.

When do I get to see you. I have a present for you. A donation you might say, but not in monetary form.

El Woogiachi said...

is it a command and conquer shaped donation or something less obvious?

David Lowry said...

Well, for legal reason the answer to that is no. For technical reasons the answer is also no, but I will let you play for a while (while I do your dirty work, perhaps) (and I'll bring Star Wars Empire at War as well).

Erika wants you.

But thank you for reminding me that I was going to bring said present, I will put it in the pile of things for David to bring to Belfast tomorrow. Am residing at Tate's tomorrow night; and will be there all day Saturday if that helps plans for aforementioned dirty work.

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