Tuesday, 12 May 2009

post-pig parlimentary overselling

I do like the BBC, but I like it even better whenever someone goes on it and has a good old rant about something. This week's headache is over MP's expenses. Someone claimed for biscuits for their constituency office or something.

I suppose, since it turned out that the swine flu/pig flu/Mexican Flu/North-American Flu/H1N1-Alpha-Positive isn't going to wipe us all out (a small victory I shall claim for my twitter #hugahog campaign a couple of weeks ago) we'd better get back to the normal routine of sleaze-and-retribution or something.

Thankfully, national hero, teller of quite interesting things and twitter overlord (let's face it, he'd be king - well, President probably - if the middle classes could get away with it) Stephen Fry has pointed out the obvious here.


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David Lowry said...

Did you see the clip where the Scottish chap gets one over on the £92k blonde?

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