Wednesday, 25 November 2009

upcoming dates: dec-jan '10

I always swore I'd never do it here, but then I thought... I never get to see many people anymore that are (I hope still) casual readers of this particular corner of the t'interwebs. (And if you're not, then me analytics have a lot of explaining to do...) There's no Pet Polar gigs planned in the next couple of months (mind you if you're looking, we're willing if it can be fitted in) but I've a couple of worship-leading appointments coming up which I would recommend. If that happens to be your inclination, anyway.

Having worked with the CIYD folks in the past I can heavily plug their upcoming Reflect conference for Young Leaders - ideally if you volunteer with a church or community group and would love a retreat aimed squarely at you, then this is the one, details after the jump above. It's 8-10th of January and is something like £30 for the entire weekend's bed and board - bargain.

Also, Sunday week (that's Sunday December 6th) I'll be (as is growing less frequent as we age, folks) dropping in to the evening happenings at the Church of the Res at Queen's. It's always a little weird returning and not knowing anyone there (such is the turnover of residents at the COISC) but having loved the atmosphere for praise for three great years, it takes all of thirty seconds usually to slip right back in to the vibe. I believe it's a couple of sessions with a load of coffee and buns etc. in between, so should be fun.

Hopefully see you there!

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