Sunday, 8 November 2009

now i can talk

Let's be honest here: an awful lot of Northern Irish indie bands sound the same. Scratch that: they nearly all sound the same (the "Belfast sound" as it was referred to as a few years ago, still going strong.) And fair enough in some ways - we're all the sum of our creative influences, and if we all spend all our time playing with everyone around us etc. etc...

Two Door Cinema Club have repeatedly skirted this definition carefully. And you know what? The new single is great. But it's the video that is particularly epic. First 30 seconds are outstandingly mind-destroying in particular.


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Shane Tucker said...

Pete, that IS a great video and song! Thanks for introducing me to the band. It's refreshing when people are truly creative and not playing it safe by reproducing much of what is already out there. Thanks!

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