Tuesday, 3 July 2007

whatever you do, do it well

Graduated today. Whole lots of fun: up at 8.15, in gown by 8.50. One lengthly Harry Potter joke later (about an hour or so) and I found myself sitting in the Whitla Hall at QUB (named for Sir William Whitla, though I still can't remember who he was or what he did. Unlike Sir Hamilton Harty, prominent Queen's music lecturer about a century ago and who you should definitely find out more about.) I can't say I was enthusiastic, but still nervous. Then it became apparent that our Honorary Graduate was Desmond Tutu and it all became much more interesting. Being a globally recognised voice of peace and reconciliation, I could've probably told you exactly how his speech would go beforehand. But it was all in the delivery, and I definitely feel that much wiser for having heard the great man. It doesn't do any damage that he was so funny, even my sister laughed either. It's worth checking out his short bit from tonight's BBC Newsline.

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djl said...

All the best with the new bloggingness Pete, I'll help you get domained up after your first video related pay-cheque comes in! America's fun, tired, distracted, arrr. Cya

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