Wednesday, 11 July 2007


Have spend the last couple of days gathering up stuff to attempt to hack together my first proper showreel, to highlight what i'm (theoretically!) capable of with film-making. It's a daunting task:

(a) because I've (theoretically) made a huge amount, and
(b) because so much of it is unusable.

Completely unusable. Years ago, when I got the bug and was shown how to hack stuff together by my crazy-ass cousin, we didn't have anything digital - it was done with an uncle's '80s cassette video camera and two VCR's - and lots of mistakes. So that stuff's all out. Later stuff shot on digital but that I only have on VHS - out. Pretty much anything produced using the world's WORST edit software (not including anything that ever came bundled with Windows) Pinnacle Studio (more glitches than... something with a hell of a lot of glitches) - rendered usually in a horrendous low-res. Plus the titles etc. are so bad i can hardly bear to look at most of it myself.

Which has left me with a few things to throw in: all the uni stuff (thankfully backed up as very high-res mpgs and movs over the years - now that's foresight), a couple of shorts from the last year or so (humour level: high. film quality: hmmm...) and I guess I'll bite the bullet and try and use some of the other stuff sparingly. I guess the result will never look like anything beyond a laptop screen or a VHS, but considering my target market, that's probably not the worst evil.

To work!


I finally got my dirty paws on the glorious Parallels Desktop 3.0 for the MacBook; but I can't yet use it because those expletives at Dell don't see fit to include the Windows XP installation disc (which I believe you've probably paid for, yes?) with the PC when you buy it. So I'm currently trying this procedure... the evil's of dial-up mean it's going to take a couple of days to download XP Service Pack 2 off the Microsoft website though; but I'll write up how this adventure turns out in the end.

[This note's really just for you, Dave, to keep your currently tech-deprived brain ticking over...]


Finally got a year's worth of analogue film photographs developed this week. Loads of horrendous shots, but got very nostalgic with a few from the COISC's Weekend Retreat from last October.

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djl said...

Appreciate it ;) Tech-savvy is not a pre-requisite for camp, but its not too shabby. Wireless just got fixed after a lightning storm banjaxed most of the electrical equipment for a few hours. Putting together a slideshow with the unbeatable (though it could be made perfect in just 170 steps) iPhoto.

Actually it's not as good as it'd like to be; especially as for the most part it subscribes to the mac one-button philosophy. Which is stupid anyway.

Happy time.

Ciao. Look at facebook for photo of my guitar. Look, my posture's getting better to :) lol cya

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