Friday, 13 July 2007


Did Dublin Airport and back for the second time in five days last night, and it's safe to say that thanks to Twelfth-related diversions, it was an experience. I do like getting to drive at 120km/h though... my R's come down in less than a fortnight so it's not all bad anyway.

Spent some of today arguing with the only audio cassette deck I could find with a line in, as it wasn't co-operating so well with the Mac. Have resolved to circumvent the high level of skipping on my car's CD adaptor by just putting all the best ones on some good old hi-quality ferric tape... it's not the only tech problem at the moment either. Someone gave me their Samsung VP-U10 to fix [constantly ejecting as soon as it's turned on] and a google-trip later reveals that this is a perversely common issue with the model. Anyone who's got an 8mm camcorder and wants to donate it so i can upload some stuff...

My second cousin (tenuous link) is involved with an absolutely incredible charity called, simply charity:. Founded just last year by a New York media-guru (but don't hold that against him) their first project, 'charity: water' has been so successful that in one year they've dug 158 new wells across five african nations. Each well services on average 500-1000 people, so do the math and that's a lot of lives changed, at just $2000 a time. The website is glorious too, but that's hardly even an aside - definitely a case for why content is king. I can't recommend it enough. If you have a moment on it, click on the link to Zurich School - Flavia's the sullen-looking one in the middle...

Made the mistake yesterday of cracking out Season 5 of The West Wing yesterday to fill a couple of hours. Eight episodes in now - and this is the weakest series, I remind myself... I've missed you, Jed.

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