Wednesday, 20 August 2008

stuck in a rut

Just read an interesting article from writer Russ Breimeier about the state of modern worship music. Russ reckons we're stuck in a rut and going nowhere after the initial surge in great output from prolific musicians and songwriters over the last ten years, and backs it up with some convincing stats about CCLI's most used/licensed songs this year - most of them being five years older or more (in the USA.) In the UK, the same top 25 are actually on average a whole lot older by my reckoning, from the birth of modern worship (circa 1998-2000) and further back, with the exception really of Stuart Townend's output and a few american imports.

Just as interesting though, Breimeier offers a few starting suggestions about how to solve this. It's worth a look if you're a songwriter in general, but particularly if you regularly lead or co-ordinate praise too. Read the entire article here.

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