Saturday, 16 August 2008

bend an ear to the truth they tell ye

Oul Ronnie Drew has finally been claimed. Was pretty much dragged to see him a few years ago with Dave, spurred on by our joint passing interest in drinking songs, (but more his own deep-seeded desire to be republican, whether he'd admit it or not - and he would, just to spite you). He talked as much as he sang, but it was pretty enthralling. He could have been talking to any crowd anywhere, you got the feeling he would just tell the first story that had come to him that night.

And my WORD, the beard really was that astounding, though he lost it in the last couple of years to the throat cancer that would claim him.

Personal favourite is any of the various version of Finnegan's Wake that the Dubliners and Ronnie pulled off.

Have already downed a pint in his memory tonight... singing to follow...

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