Sunday, 9 March 2008

we must go

Spent yesterday working on the recording of a praise album in support of Mollie's Mission, a vehicular trek from Norn Iron to Cape Town in aid of several children's charities, including the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund. So 13 hours were spent back at the COISC using the Church of the Res for session recording, produced again by the good folks at Komodo (who, many moon's ago, all the MNC stuff was recorded with.)

Was split reasonably evenly between the safe acoustic and more personally groundbreaking lead (electric) duties. Been playing for about a month with Dave's Hot Rod Deluxe, which although breaking the unforgiveable axiom - Fender + Fender = Musical Suicide - has actually been quite nice with my Strat. However, it just wasn't coming over right in the mix (a bit too wah) so to crunch things up a bit everything was channelled through an almost antique Marshall Valvestate. My word. A long way from my dodgy G50 RCD.

Actually, I was more pleased with my Tanglewood acoustic. Frequently accused of buzzing, particularly when capo'd on lower frets (mostly, I think, the result of the neck being snapped in half three years ago) it came across beautifully.

Certainly, compared to the painstaking process of the somewhat legendary MNC experience (somewhat documented via youtube herein) this varitable blitz of session recording was relatively smooth! There's still a lot of vocal and guitar stuff to be recorded and redubbed, but it's a pretty snappy turnaround for what sounds like a pretty unusual, great praise CD. (Unusual because it is great - as for my sins I've implied far too much before!)

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