Monday, 24 December 2007

a christmassy 'tree

Christmas is coming, and the geese are getting fat. Actually, ours has just been plucked... having goose this year as a turkey alternative, which should be fun.

Teaching Practice 1 is officially over. Which is sad but nice. In some respects hitting the halfway mark in the year is encouraging, but in others... I can't believe there's another six months of this (hey, I can't believe I'm considering a LIFE of this... it can't be true.)

We're at home for Christmas this year, which has novelty value in itself. For the last three years the family have decamped to my aunt's in Kent, which, though thoroughly lovely, is not home. (It has proper heating and little mould.) Now that we are home for one though, I don't think people really know what to do with themselves. (We're a family of sheep!)

It'll all be over before we know it anyway. To celebrate the inevitability of this, enjoy our man Gary (veteran star of the long-remembered Dumbass films (click here for a little info - the main website is gone (for photo hosting!) but the synopsis lives on... must get some on youtube sometime) bringing back the good times by pranking his Dad - on national TV.

Merry Christmas to all...

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