Sunday, 19 September 2010


In January, the people of Southern Sudan go to the polls, in a referendum to decide whether the war/poverty-torn country should remain as one, or become two separate recognised states. It could bring peace; but it could equally end up in even more violence. Very few people are really informed enough to know, and the Sudan365 campaign is an attempt to rectify that by drawing attention to the (still) ongoing plight of Africa - and the Arab world's - largest country.

As always, it's questionable how much impact lots of middle-class Westerners wringing their hands can really have on a situation where tensions - political and tribal - remain so high. But at least we can keep pressure on the UN to do the right thing and be ready to deal with whatever outcome early next year.

And to keep it in the public mind, here's one of those videos where lots of musicians from lots of places do something funky. John Bourke would approve this message.

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