Saturday, 24 April 2010


It's the biggie: the make or break one for a lot of people; the theological hot potato that no-one really wants to discuss. Many a sleepover/retreat/overnight has been ruined by it; heck, countless churches have been torn apart by it. But for the first time ever, I have an answer that satisfies me. So although I would usually shy away from expressing an opinion on most theology on record, I think it's interesting enough to share.

Having taken a wee bit of time to study it this week, I came across this sermon from Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church, Seattle. Mark, referred to occasionally times in this blog, has a good ministry and good teaching. I feel he can often be OTT or "a little too Calvinist'. A bit like John Nixon. (But without the glorious facial hair or winning smile..) But he absolutely nailed this one. Out of the park, with one a couple of seconds in the whole thing which I might choose to disagree with.

So I decided to share what I'd learnt, in the form of what I've called a "stream of discussion" - what was one massive bit of meandering photoshopping, which I've carelessly now lopped up into six. You can access the Picasa gallery below - I recommend slideshow mode or download for reading.

Predestination: A Stream Of Discussion

I shall await your wrath with great anticipation...


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John Nixon said...

Wow the first time in years that iv actually looked at a blog, and what do i find, Pete talking about predestination and mentioning me, im so glad that such an amazingly divine God chose me

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