Sunday, 28 March 2010

a power to change

If you looked back over the last couple of years, you could be forgiven for thinking I'm getting obsessed with Dr. Paisley. In truth, I'm definitely fascinated; in particular, his interview for The Today Show with John Humphreys this week, where, among other things, he tries to explain forgiveness to Humphreys - who doesn't get it.

Click here to listen to the BBC's interview.

Paisley also comes very, very close to expressing real contrition for some of the rhetoric he was responsible for 40 years ago; but for me, that he can explain and express true forgiveness for Sinn Fein after his personal conflict for decades, speaks volumes - the number of times he in fact, defends the reformed republicans to Humphreys questioning is something his former followers would do well to pay heed to.

"But (Martin McGuinness) has never repented...."

"But you are not God! You do not know..."

or also

"I'm just a sinner saved by grace... (and changed by God)."

"Why didn't God change you earlier?"

"You'd better ask Him that when you see him!"


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