Wednesday, 10 February 2010

kids, (please) don't break my heart

Might get in trouble for saying this but... had seen the trawl for extras for the video for A Plastic Rose's 'Kids Don't Behave Like This' last week, and then today caught a shuftie of the latest Bandwidth 'In Stores Now', wherein Will basically took advantage of everyone coming down for the APR shoot to nab a good crowd for The 1930s to perform to...

...the 1930s one is a much better video! But perhaps I'm just not down with it anymore - judge for yourself. (They're both great tracks anyway.)

The APR sequence perhaps just suffers as an ambitious, creative concept that is let down by some particularly crap filming and post-production. I wanted to follow, but kept skipping forward. And the audio's really off with the miming in a lot of places - unless you can get it accurately folks, don't bother, please. It looks like someone's Moving Image Arts (that's an A Level, kids) coursework.

Whereas the 1930s one is an aging concept, but looks like the dog's unmentionables, despite being a one-take joyride.

IN STORES NOW#31: THE 1930s from Bandwidth on Vimeo.

Yer man should perhaps stick to the (undeniably kick-ass) photography.


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