Saturday, 29 September 2007

product of an idle soul

So, was in school today playing with crayons... fear not. I'd finished reading up some stuff so was idly loitering around the SEN unit with not much else to do. After apparently picking up my first parking ticket (though, as the exceptionally tired looking traffic warden explained, I won't actually know if they're charging me or not until I get something in the post. Or don't - random) I was being similarly idle at home. I really should be working on my first major assignment this year, but good grief could I not be arsed.

Anyway, I ended up making a crayon-inspired pact with the devil and photoshopping up a bebo skin (with some destinctly old-school graphics - Paint on Windows '95, no less... 'dem wuz the days!)

In other news, Google Analytics tells me we're now big in Switzerland. Good people of Liebefeld, this one's for you...

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